Hunting Log


Hunters: Chris Postle, Matt Postle, Chris Holewinski

Target Species: Whitetail Deer (Archery)

Hours: 3:30pm-Sundown

Weather: 70 Degrees, Sun, Calm Winds

Results: Chris Postle saw 2 small does and a small spike buck.


Hunter: Chris Postle

Target Species: Whitetail Deer (Archery)

Hours: 7am-11:30am

Weather: Morning Rain then cloudy and windy, 65 Degrees

Results: Saw 8 does and a small buck.


Hunters: Chris Postle, Joe Fiorella, Matt Postle

Target Species: Canadian Goose

Weather: Mix of sun and clouds, 75 degrees

Results: Bagged 1 goose, saw a few flocks flying over